Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Just one of those Days

Have you ever had one of "those" days? Today was mine. I just needed to take a vacation, you know what I mean. Nothing terrible going one, just wanted a "mommy time-out".

Thankfully, Uncle D and Aunt S came to the rescue! YAY! The 2 bigger kids are out with them for the day and will spend the night, Me and the baby are at home enjoying quiet time and Daddy is singing out at Epcot. (Yep, HE'S the one singing this year!)

Ahhh....just what I needed.

But really, how can I complain? Check out these pictures of my adorable munchkins. They sincerely melt my heart!

Man, they are going to look like twins when they get bigger!

Rockin the matching jammies, courtesy of Big Bro

Just playing a little firetruck.
I'm sure you understand. A little break is healthy for everyone, Mom's included. Today was just that kind of day.

On a side note, I heard a question on the radio asking what will you do in 2012? One of the peoples' answers stuck with me. It's very poignant for my time and place right now and I plan to use it for my motto for the year.

Live Simply and Simple Live

Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Merry Christmas

Hey Hey Hey! Where'd everybody go?? Just kidding! We're still here! Just took a little hiatus for a month or two, BUT....I'm Back!

And I have to say:


We celebrated Christmas with family. My brother David was here, along with Grandpa. They spent the night on Christmas Eve. Then in the morning Aunt Steph and Uncle Danny came up early to see the kids open their presents. Later in the afternoon we had a semi-surprise visit from my Mom and Dad, aka Nana and Papa.

We loved celebrating Christmas with our family and the kids got everything on their wish lists and more! They are so thrilled!

As am I!! I had a new camera on my wish list and Santa (Mike's Dad) delivered! THANK YOU!! Oh so much!

I'm including some recent pics I took with the new camera. There are a few of us on Christmas day and riding bikes in the front yard. Plus a few from the park we visited earlier today.

Oh Reagan, why the sad face?

Merry Christmas!

Uh huh
Nana and Papa with Reagan

Grandpa and Ava playing puzzles

Sassy girl

Sweet baby girl
That's right! Shaking it with Just Dance on the Wii

Scooter time

More scooter time

My boy loves the football

Sliding together

Baby Reagan


Running down the hill

Peek a boo!

Here's to a joyous holiday to you and your families! I'm working on my New Year's Resolution list and it's looking like a long one! What are your New Year's Resolutions?