Friday, January 20, 2012

p52 Week 3 I Dreamed a Dream

This weeks theme from the p52 challenge is I Dreamed A Dream. Because of my background as a singer, I could've taken this many different directions. Something straight from Les Mis....nah. Something about MY dreams as a singer...nah.

What I ended up with is a picture from the foot end of my daughters bed. I am trying to learn how to use this fancy new camera of mine and wanted to try for those cool glowy lights in the background. Hubs decided to decorate her bed with Christmas lights and somehow we've forgotten to take these down...not that anyone minds. I like how it's focused in the front and nice and blurry in the back.

And hey, a bed is where I do my best (and craziest) dreaming!

project 52 p52

Friday, January 13, 2012

p52 Week 2: Made With Love

It's the second week of p52's challenge and this time the theme is Made With Love.

The picture I shot is of my most precious subjects; my kids. They are my pride and joy and are the true meaning of love for me. 

But you see, the picture is a double whammy in theme. See the pink blanket they are laying on? Well, that was made by my Mother-In-Law for my first born when she was a baby. Annmarie (my MIL) has since passed but we still treasure her deeply. I know without a doubt that this blanket was Made With Love and it will always be with us as a reminder of her love for us.

Thursday, January 12, 2012

Potty Trenches

Some of you know that we've been in the potty war zone lately. Yep, we decided to start the training with Ethan. I know, I know! Everyone has told me it's harder to train boys. Boys are late bloomers. ETC...

But he really seemed interested in it! Honestly! He's really smart too.


He's also really STUBBORN!

Geesh is this kid stubborn! Not sure where he gets it (my side)...hee hee...

Anyway, he started off strong and was doing so well. Two weeks later though, he still wasn't telling us when he needed to go. We gave up. I was tired off cleaning up and constantly asking, "Do you have to go potty?". And going out to friends' houses was worse. I mean, peeing on my floor: Annoying. Peeing on someone else's floor: embarrassing...Sorry Carolyn!!

So, against all I've ever believed, we enlisted the help of some pull-ups. And man, these things are magical! Only 2 times has he gone in them! And he's now telling us when he needs to go!! Looks like we'll be back in the man-panties soon enough!

Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love is in the Details

What I should be doing: 


What I AM doing:

Playing with my pictures and posting on the blog.

Ahh, well, tis the way it is. 

Yesterday was so much fun, filled with joy from the family and especially my middle child,  my son, Ethan. We celebrated his 2nd birthday and, boy did he have a blast!

 We are so blessed to have all our family close enough by to be able to celebrate special occasions.When I grew up, celebrations with family were small; Mom, Dad and brother. All of our other family was spread out across the country. So now that I've married in to a HUGE family, life has changed. But I gotta say, I LOVE IT! Who'da thunk? Having that many people around was a little intimidating at first, but I relish these times now. My kids love to hang out with their cousins (really 2nd cousins, but they don't care), I love having so many people to share the love, and WOW, what a feast we have every time there's a gathering! Love is obviously and always in the details.

Nana and Reagan

Hubs and Papa Joe

Ethan wanted a "Football" party

Opening presents

I can't believe he's 2!!

Crashed after all the excitement
Ava and Aunt Stephie

Football Chocolate Strawberries-YUM

Ethan's Football cake. All homemade too!

Happy Birthday to you, my boy!

His reaction to seeing his brand new bike! Priceless!

Uncle Danny and Ethan playing Basketball

As you can tell, the joy was shared by everyone. A few family members were missing, but we wish them all health and hope they get well soon! 

Now, on to the laundry.....

Saturday, January 7, 2012

p52 Resolution

So I've decided to take on a picture taking challenge. I posted about it last week and the idea is to take a new themed picture each week. The first week's challenge was to photograph your Resolution. One of my many resolutions for this year is to get into running more.

See my new fancy "running" shoes. Don't worry, I wasn't just modeling the shoes. The photo is from AFTER I went running. And when I say "running" I do mean that word loosely. I'm pretty darn slow, but my goal is just to go. Nothing's a race in my book. The prize will be getting through the run and feeling good about myself.

How have your resolutions been going? Are they more like goals?

Thursday, January 5, 2012

Missing my Babies

Yesterday was my little buddy's birthday. He turned 2 years old and had a great day with Aunt Laura, cousins Kristen and Matthew and sisters. While the hubs and I are out of town, superstar Yaun family came to our rescue to watch the kiddos. We sincerely thank you for coming up and watching them for us!

I can't wait to see pictures from their adventures! They went to the zoo in the freezing cold and we heard they had a blast!

Because I'm updating this from the waiting room at the Mayo Clinic on the iPad AND I'm not super-computer savvy, please forgive the lack of pictures on this post. I'm sure to have plenty to add this weekend after Ethan's birthday party with the fam.

I sure wish I could've been there yesterday morning when Ethan woke up to his room filled with big red balloons! I know he loved them and I can't wait to hold and kiss his little face! Missing my babies oh so much!!