Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Spontaneity isn't really my strong suit, but as the kids and I were running errands around town, an idea came to me! How much fun would it be to visit the Butterfly Garden today?? While we were in the area AND there was a lot of cloud coverage, today WOULD be the perfect day! So, off we went!

This is the coolest little place! The $5 fee threw me for a little loop, but the lady only charged me. That's a deal, huh? Last time we went, I was pregnant with Ethan, so it's been awhile! It's at a giant plant nursery so after your done checking out the butterflies, you can walk the gardens. So beautiful!

 Look closely and you'll see one of the MANY butterflies!

 My sweet boy gave me a smile! He's so serious most of the time.
 More butterflies!
 They had a little finch room too. Aren't these the cutest little guys?
 Here's one napping in the nest.
We found little birdie eggs, too!

 Princess pose! 
(Can't believe she let me take so many pictures today!)
 Checking out the water fountain over the bridge.

 This was really cool! They had a seperate area where you could hold the butterflies. Did you know they drink with their feet? I didn't! You had to dip your finger into Gatorade and the butterflies would "drink" from your finger! So cool!

 Oh so brave!
"You're right Mom! They didn't even tickle!"

Not bad for a day out running errands! And while we were there I was able to pick up something for my vege garden. Here's what THAT'S looking like these days!
 Baby tomatoes growing from the Topsy Turvy!

 Our ever-gowing cucumber plant...

Finally! Baby cucumbers!!

Monday, June 20, 2011

Dancing Queen

To say I'm a proud Momma might be an understatement!

(Her favorite part? Getting to wear "mascara"!)

On Saturday, Ava had her 1st ever dance recital! SO EXCITING!! Don't know if the excitement was more expressed by me or by Ava, but exciting none-the-less!

She has taken dance for this past year in a 3-4 year old ballet and tap class. I absolutely adore her studio. I've been so impressed with the technique she's been receiving, even at such a young age. No "Skip to My Lou" song and dance here! Lots of fun, but with good technical lessons in the mix! She's had a great year and I know she'll excel quickly here!

They put all that fun and learning to good use at the recital this past weekend and did an awesome job!

Of COURSE, I cried! Come on!! Who wouldn't? (Though it's true....I cried for 5 other groups with kids I didn't even know. I can blame that on the hormones, right?)

As line leader of her class, Ava had a lot riding on the performance. And she DID NOT disappoint! She came right out, went straight to her spot and did all her moves beautifully!

Such a proud Momma!

 (Her "silly" faces...sigh)

Thank you to all the family that came to see her! We were all thrilled you could make it! And she LOVED getting all those beautiful flowers!

Friday, June 17, 2011

Fish Outta Water

Well, the first week is over. I think Ethan is VERY glad! I thought after a day or two he'd be more accustomed to what was happening, but no. He cried EVERY DAY!!

Sweet little stubborn boy!

Poor Miss Carole!

Good thing she's used to it...sort of.

On the last day of the week, Miss Carole takes pictures of the kids. Here's what she caught of Ethan. It's a very true representation of the week.

The funny thing is, he DID do his work. As soon as Miss Carole counted 1, 2, 3, off he went!

Kick, Kick, Kick....straight to the wall! He had no problems with the actual learning, just that it wasn't what HE wanted to do. Like I said, STUBBORN!!

Here's 2 more of him actually swimming.

Here's hoping next week goes slightly smoother!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

We are some busy folks this week! Thank GOODNESS Mike has off this week to help out! Ava is off to the first of 2 Vacation Bible School camps and Ethan is starting his swim lessons! Plus, Ava's dance recital is on Saturday and I have my glucose test this week too! Wow, seems like a lot, but I do love to be busy!

This weeks VBS is at our beloved Miss Debbi's church.
Ava loves it because she gets to see all of Miss Debbi's kids, too! Lots of fun!

Swim lessons....Poor Ethan.....

He had such a fond love of the water last week. I'm crossing my fingers AND toes that tomorrow goes well. All morning long I had a sinking feeling that he just didn't know what was about to hit him.

He started strong. Went fairly easily to Miss Carole, our swim teacher. Not much fussing until about 5 minutes in. Then, just cried the whole time. The funny thing was, he kept doing what he was supposed to do. Just cried whenever he was above the water. Poor Miss Carole. We might need to get her some ear plugs!

Going into the water for the 1st time. Not too shabby...

 Kick, Kick, Kick come the tears!

 Starting to calm down, it seems. Sweet boy!

 Floating on his back

 Hopefully the rest of this week and next goes well for the little swimmer!

Thursday, June 9, 2011

Animal Kingdom

As promised, here are some fun pictures with Ava, Aunt Stephanie and Uncle Danny at Animal Kingdom from last week.

She had such an amazing day! I was so proud of her for going all by herself and being so BRAVE! Trust me, it takes a lot to get her to do something alone these days! But she did it and she had a blast! I think her favorite thing about the whole day was that face paint. First of all, she LOVES unicorns. Score!! She said to me (as we were washing it off in the bath that night) how that was THE BEST face paint she'd ever had!

Thanks for the memories Danny and Stephanie!

Monday, June 6, 2011


Today was a fun, new adventure for us! We recently found out that during the summer there's a Kid's Bowl Free program. One of the mama's in our playgroup mentioned it, so I went ahead and signed both kiddos up! It's a GREAT bargain too! They get to bowl almost any day of the week ALL SUMMER LONG for free! What an awesome idea...and I DO love air conditioner in these H.O.T. summer months! Phew!

So today was our first experiment with bowling. Ava loved it! She's been practicing (on the Wii, of course) and kinda had the gist of it. Ethan was thrilled to roll the ball down the lane too, though he wanted to chase after it once he released it!

Overall, it was a success. I know we'll be heading back there again many times this summer!