Friday, January 20, 2012

p52 Week 3 I Dreamed a Dream

This weeks theme from the p52 challenge is I Dreamed A Dream. Because of my background as a singer, I could've taken this many different directions. Something straight from Les Mis....nah. Something about MY dreams as a singer...nah.

What I ended up with is a picture from the foot end of my daughters bed. I am trying to learn how to use this fancy new camera of mine and wanted to try for those cool glowy lights in the background. Hubs decided to decorate her bed with Christmas lights and somehow we've forgotten to take these down...not that anyone minds. I like how it's focused in the front and nice and blurry in the back.

And hey, a bed is where I do my best (and craziest) dreaming!

project 52 p52


Harvest Moon by Hand said...

Beautiful and intriguing image. Enjoyed reading the thoughts behind the photograph.

Dusty Coyote said...

I love twinkle lights all year round! Love the lights in the distance.

Madison said...

This is a lovely photo - and it seems like it has a story, which I love in photos. The bokeh is pretty - you could try creating a bokeh cover for your camera (google has lots of ideas) so you can make pretty shapes with the lights! And I like how you had the Les Mis idea - that's what I used this week!

April said...

What a great picture and the bokeh is quite lovely. I liked the story too, very fitting for the theme.