Sunday, January 8, 2012

Love is in the Details

What I should be doing: 


What I AM doing:

Playing with my pictures and posting on the blog.

Ahh, well, tis the way it is. 

Yesterday was so much fun, filled with joy from the family and especially my middle child,  my son, Ethan. We celebrated his 2nd birthday and, boy did he have a blast!

 We are so blessed to have all our family close enough by to be able to celebrate special occasions.When I grew up, celebrations with family were small; Mom, Dad and brother. All of our other family was spread out across the country. So now that I've married in to a HUGE family, life has changed. But I gotta say, I LOVE IT! Who'da thunk? Having that many people around was a little intimidating at first, but I relish these times now. My kids love to hang out with their cousins (really 2nd cousins, but they don't care), I love having so many people to share the love, and WOW, what a feast we have every time there's a gathering! Love is obviously and always in the details.

Nana and Reagan

Hubs and Papa Joe

Ethan wanted a "Football" party

Opening presents

I can't believe he's 2!!

Crashed after all the excitement
Ava and Aunt Stephie

Football Chocolate Strawberries-YUM

Ethan's Football cake. All homemade too!

Happy Birthday to you, my boy!

His reaction to seeing his brand new bike! Priceless!

Uncle Danny and Ethan playing Basketball

As you can tell, the joy was shared by everyone. A few family members were missing, but we wish them all health and hope they get well soon! 

Now, on to the laundry.....

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