Sunday, May 29, 2011

Gardens and Party Time

I've always admired those who can grow things in their gardens. Last year, Mike built us a garden box and we had some success with Basil. Other than that, nothing. Anything else we tried to grow above ground was eaten alive by some crazy kind of worm. So over the next season I attempted growing carrots and onions. We had some success with our carrots, but the onions never came about. Finally, this new season came and I am bound and determined to grow something "fruitful" this year! We tilled the soil up and started fresh. Here's what we have:
Far back left (you can't see it though) we have onions growing. The large leaves to the left are cucumbers. So far, it's just a giant plant, but my fingers are crossed for some yummy cucumbers!! We also have some basil starting up on the right (can't see it) and I've planted a potted rosemary bush, which smells SO good!

 Close up of the Rosemary

 Here's Ava's potted basil, which she planted with the dirt in our yard!

And I'm giving the good ol' topsy turvy tomato a try! I KNOW it can be done! Check out these tomato's my oh-so-nice neighbor brought over earlier today! Grown right in his garden!!

Ava and I also had some fun planned for today. It was a friends birthday party and it was a "tea party" theme! Ava was SUPER excited to get to dress up for the event. Literally, she was dressed at 10AM and the party didn't start until 4PM. She's such a girly girl! Here she is all ready to go!

Gorgeous! Love this picture. 

But here's the real reason why you pick a dress:

Me and my girl!

How cute is this little set up? Such fun! The birthday girl also had a special surprise visitor come who did face paint. What a great day!

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