Saturday, May 28, 2011

Saturday Fun

The morning started off with a delicious run to Dunkin Donuts. I'm a sucker for DD's coffee! YUMMY!! Plus the kids love the donuts....

After teaching some piano and voice lessons in the morning, I took the kids outside for some fun Memorial Day flag painting projects. I can't claim ownership of this idea, though. Stole it straight out of one of those parenting type magazines. Ava thought it was so fun! I mean, what could be more fun than getting paint all over your hands AND feet?

Ethan on the other, not so sure of the whole idea! He dabbed a little in the blue, then it became more of a "paint yourself" type of project.

Here's Ava's finished flag project! Happy Memorial Day!!

After the projects were finished, my girl and I hit the road to do a little garage sale-ing. I'm a sucker for a good garage sale. But I'm really cheap. There, I said it. I go out with only a few dollars and truly expect to come home with treasures. Makes you want to laugh, huh?

Well, it was already late in the day, so things didn't start off GREAT. But wait! We came to our last stop and, no joke, the lady was GIVING her stuff away. What I'll do with some of it, who knows. And I'm not so sure the hubs will ever let me go out again! Ah, I love the sale!!

Here's what I got:
Stop #1: 1 boy shorts, 1 boy shirt                          $1.00
Stop #2: pasta canister (needs some cleaning)        $  .50
Stop #3: Cute white table (needs work)                 FREE
              Matted frame                                          FREE
              Mirror                                                     FREE
              5 hangers                                                FREE
              Spray/fan H20 bottle                               FREE
              Book                                                      FREE

I mean, seriously, $1.50 for all that! Come on!! The table will need to be refinished AND I really have no idea where it'll go. But it's SO cute! Any who knows where the frames and mirrors will go....a "someday" project I'm certain! SCORE!!!

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