Friday, July 22, 2011

Racing Day

I'm so proud of my hubby! He's really taken to the "couch to 5K" program and is a running junkie now! So far he's run 3 different 5K races and been successful in his time each run!

Recently, he did a fun run with his bro. The kids and I went to cheer them on and we got some good pictures, too! Check 'em out!

 Getting ready before the race

 And they're off!

 Of course, while we waited for them to lap around, I couldn't resist taking some picture of my gorgeous kids!

 Lap 1 down! One more to go guys!

 Running WITH smiles on their faces! That's gooood!

 More kid pics!
 I LOVE the way this one turned out!

Rounding the corner on the last lap! Way to go! Keep on truckin'!

Okay, I'm putting it in writing....Once Reagan is born and I'm given the "go ahead" I plan to jump on board the running train, too! This could get verrry interesting, seeing as I can probably run for about 45 SECONDS straight, and I mean PRE baby! hee hee...

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