Saturday, July 9, 2011

Happy 4th of July....little late

Happy 4th Everyone! Or maybe I should just say, Happy July!! Seems like every time I go to write a post I've lost track of time and my short window of opportunity has past.

Here goes nothing!

June has come and gone! We are FULLY into July now, which can't make me any happier. That means it's closer to my due date! And even though it's supremely H.O.T. outside, I keep talking myself into understanding we're ALMOST there! So close! I can't wait to meet baby Reagan! We've been busy getting stuff ready for her, too! (More on that later, though.)

4th of July weekend was a blast...pun intended, ha. ha....
We celebrated the 3rd with Danny and Steph by having them over for a quick dip in the neighborhood pool and bbq-ing after. Then we went to see the big firework display in town. (Pictures will come of those soon!)

On the 4th of July, we loaded the group up and headed to our local parade viewing spot. Unfortunately, we were slightly disappointed with the parade this year. Someone changed the routes and routines and we were jipped on a large portion of the parade. Oh well! Live and Learn. Here're some pictures to share though.

That evening we did the fireworks in the front yard. The entire cul-du-sac came out and we all watched the local show from our driveways. SOOOOO nice since it's super crowded at the site location and we got to see the same show without all the traffic. Even better, when it was over, someone in the neighborhood did their own show. It truly was amazing! We all thought the person must HAVE to work for a fireworks store. Everyone had an awesome night!
Ava kept calling the fireworks
"Fizzling Fire Feathers!"

That's it for now! I'll share pictures of our day trip to the splash park later this week! Stay tuned!

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