Tuesday, June 28, 2011


Spontaneity isn't really my strong suit, but as the kids and I were running errands around town, an idea came to me! How much fun would it be to visit the Butterfly Garden today?? While we were in the area AND there was a lot of cloud coverage, today WOULD be the perfect day! So, off we went!

This is the coolest little place! The $5 fee threw me for a little loop, but the lady only charged me. That's a deal, huh? Last time we went, I was pregnant with Ethan, so it's been awhile! It's at a giant plant nursery so after your done checking out the butterflies, you can walk the gardens. So beautiful!

 Look closely and you'll see one of the MANY butterflies!

 My sweet boy gave me a smile! He's so serious most of the time.
 More butterflies!
 They had a little finch room too. Aren't these the cutest little guys?
 Here's one napping in the nest.
We found little birdie eggs, too!

 Princess pose! 
(Can't believe she let me take so many pictures today!)
 Checking out the water fountain over the bridge.

 This was really cool! They had a seperate area where you could hold the butterflies. Did you know they drink with their feet? I didn't! You had to dip your finger into Gatorade and the butterflies would "drink" from your finger! So cool!

 Oh so brave!
"You're right Mom! They didn't even tickle!"

Not bad for a day out running errands! And while we were there I was able to pick up something for my vege garden. Here's what THAT'S looking like these days!
 Baby tomatoes growing from the Topsy Turvy!

 Our ever-gowing cucumber plant...

Finally! Baby cucumbers!!

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