Monday, June 13, 2011

Busy Busy Busy

We are some busy folks this week! Thank GOODNESS Mike has off this week to help out! Ava is off to the first of 2 Vacation Bible School camps and Ethan is starting his swim lessons! Plus, Ava's dance recital is on Saturday and I have my glucose test this week too! Wow, seems like a lot, but I do love to be busy!

This weeks VBS is at our beloved Miss Debbi's church.
Ava loves it because she gets to see all of Miss Debbi's kids, too! Lots of fun!

Swim lessons....Poor Ethan.....

He had such a fond love of the water last week. I'm crossing my fingers AND toes that tomorrow goes well. All morning long I had a sinking feeling that he just didn't know what was about to hit him.

He started strong. Went fairly easily to Miss Carole, our swim teacher. Not much fussing until about 5 minutes in. Then, just cried the whole time. The funny thing was, he kept doing what he was supposed to do. Just cried whenever he was above the water. Poor Miss Carole. We might need to get her some ear plugs!

Going into the water for the 1st time. Not too shabby...

 Kick, Kick, Kick come the tears!

 Starting to calm down, it seems. Sweet boy!

 Floating on his back

 Hopefully the rest of this week and next goes well for the little swimmer!

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