Monday, June 6, 2011


Today was a fun, new adventure for us! We recently found out that during the summer there's a Kid's Bowl Free program. One of the mama's in our playgroup mentioned it, so I went ahead and signed both kiddos up! It's a GREAT bargain too! They get to bowl almost any day of the week ALL SUMMER LONG for free! What an awesome idea...and I DO love air conditioner in these H.O.T. summer months! Phew!

So today was our first experiment with bowling. Ava loved it! She's been practicing (on the Wii, of course) and kinda had the gist of it. Ethan was thrilled to roll the ball down the lane too, though he wanted to chase after it once he released it!

Overall, it was a success. I know we'll be heading back there again many times this summer!

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