Saturday, June 4, 2011

Just a Note

Today is an exciting day for all the kiddos!

First off, Ava got to go to Animal Kingdom with Aunt Steph and Uncle Danny for the day! This is WAY exciting because, though it may be hard to believe, Ava is a little nervous nelly when it comes to doing something "unknown". At the first invite, she was a definite NO on going. Once I told her they'd buy her food (funny what food will do for a kid) she was on board. Throughout the day we've been receiving pictures and she seems to be having a BLAST! Will  post more later!

Second off, today is Ethan's 17 month old birthday! My oh my does time fly! This little guy is turning into such a sweet little boy! He LOVES his toys, especially balls (footballs to be specific). He also LOVES his sister. In fact, today he's a little lost without her. Every time we get up to do something he keeps asking for her. I know she's missing him to and their "reunion" later tonight will be precious! He's such my little lover boy too! Oh! And what a joker personality! He's good a peek-a-boo and being a little mischievous! I guess that's what little boys are made of!

Thirdly, baby #3 is 26 weeks in the belly today! HOORAY for both of us! We've reached the 3rd trimester and I'm am stoked! Can NOT wait to meet this little bitty! She will be such a joyful addition to our already "house full of love"!

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laurayaun said...

Kristen used to be the same way about not knowing what was going on. So many questions and she finally did it she was ready to do it again!